Hi, my name is Sam! For as long as I can remember, fashion and clothing have always been important to me. I knew it would always be a part of my life, but didn't realize until college how I was going to make it happen. While at Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), I majored in Fashion Merchandising and was able to combine my two passions - fashion and math! I got my first job in corporate retail right out of college and stayed in the field for the next 8 years. I loved what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to do something more for myself. I always dreamed of opening my own boutique and now.... here I am! Thank you for checking out STEELY and I hope you enjoy what you find!

As for where the name STEELY came from... yes, it's based on the band Steely Dan. I wanted to pay homage to my mom who I got my fashion sense from. She passed away when I was younger and my biggest memory of her was her love for Steely Dan... so STEELY came to be! Also, if you find a cool Steely Dan graphic tee, hook a girl up :)